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Defeating Thunderman - Battle Network: Rockman EXE 2

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How To: Defeating Thunderman

When it comes time to get on the net and find your stolen Battlechips, you must netbattle Thunderman. To defeat him easily, put a Fan in your folder as a default chip; or make sure it comes up soon in the battle. When you use it, Thunderman will be pulled up front. When the Fan gets destroyed, he cannot move forwards or backwards. Use swords, dashattacks, quakes, and anything lethal while he either tries to hit you with lightning or uses his clouds to shoot electricity at you. When you attack and make a hit, his attack will immediately stop. While he is off guard, use your gun or any other chips to inflict more damage. However, be careful of the three clouds sliding back and forth. If you are not on guard and quick to move sideways, these clouds could cost you a victory as they are formidable in battle.
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Cheat Code Defeating Thunderman