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SS License - Battle Network: Rockman EXE 2

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How To: SS license

After you get the S license, "Delete Gospel", and "Star ID", go through the Undernet to where the laser grid with the "?" on it was located. Check it and it will open. The portal will then take you directly to the WWW area 1. Go through with your S license in hand, but be careful. Once you are inside the WWW you cannot jack out. Once through, you will see many new enemies and some are very difficult to kill. Just run from or kill them and use Full-Enrgs. Go as far as you can through WWW in area 1. Do not go into area 2, no matter what. You will find a cube requiring an S license to open. There are still more obstacles, Before going through the portal there, you will encounter three Protecto1s. To delete these you will have to do 200 damage to all of them at once. Once they are gone, go through the portal and unlock the "Mystery Data". It is army data. Jack out at this point and save the game. Jack back in again and go to the License Examiner. You can now take the test.
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Cheat Code SS license