Chapter 16 Cheat Code

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Chapter 16 - Fire Emblem

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How To: Chapter 16

This trick requires need Marcus (most needed), Oswin, and Princsellia. First, have Marcus rescue Princsellia. Have Oswin and your lords (except for your best one) go straight ahead. Once Marcus reaches the gate to Raven, drop Princsellia. Because she cannot move all the way to Raven, have her move four steps. Once she reaches Raven, select "Talk" and he will join you. Have Raven talk to Lucuis and she will join. Have Raven, Lucuis, and your best lord defeat the enemy reinforcements. Before you go to the Boss, you will see a square with a knight and two chests. Crack the wall and kill the knight. He will give you a chest key that can be used five times. Open the left chest for a Knights Crest. Give the crest to Oswin and make him use it. The other chest contains a silver sword. For the Boss, have Marcus attack with the hammer and Oswin attack one space away with the javelin.
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Cheat Code Chapter 16