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Defeating Ghost Cackletta - Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga

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How To: Defeating Ghost Cackletta

When you are fighting Ghost Cackletta, dodge her first attacks no matter what. They are either a ball of energy that falls on you; deflect it four times with your hammer, or she will swing both arms around and you must jump over them. Her eyes will show if her arms will be up or down. She will try to flick you with both hands or will flick an electricity ball at you. You must hit it between the brothers until it goes out. One hit will kill you. You only have 1 HP; take your next turn to use a Max Nut to heal both brothers. Then, attack her arms with attacks that will do more than 60 points of damage. The arms only have 60 HP. The head has about 200 HP; attack her with good attacks. When you defeat the head, her heart will appear. Use your best moves (level 3 Normal Splash Bros. and level 3 Advanced Knockback Bros.) at her heart and avoid anything else until the heart closes. Repeat until she is defeated. You can tell the fight is almost over when she starts shooting energy balls that are color coded on who they will they hit (red for Mario, green for Luigi). If you hit them with your hammer, they will be deflected back.
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Cheat Code Defeating Ghost Cackletta