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Defeating Queen Bean - Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga

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How To: Defeating Queen Bean

When the fight begins, start by making Mario jump on her right arm. Her arms are her weak spot. Meanwhile, have Luigi pulverize her with his hammer so that she gets knocked back. Do not let her get too close. After your turn is over, Queen Bean will start sending shockwaves your way. Dodge them and repeat. After her right arm shrinks (usually requires six hits), go for the left arm. Her shockwaves will be weaker, but faster. After her left arm is toasted, her crown will fall off. At this point, she will start shooting lima beans at you. Barrage her with jump attacks, and when her arms get their strength back and her crown is back on her head, repeat the process to defeat her. After you deflate Queen Bean's hands, she will start to shoot beans at you. She will wiggle her hands to show who she is going to throw the bean at. Try to jump over them. However, if you accidentally jump on one, it becomes a Bean Monster. Do not kill it. Simply leave it there and dodge its attacks while continuing to hit Queen Bean. When Queen Bean's hand re-inflate, she will use her electric lightning attack. This attack will kill the Bean Monsters. Also, Queen Bean has 100 HP. Her main attack is hitting the ground with her fists and sending what looks like small bolts of lightning on the ground at you. You can jump over them. It is possible to defeat her with Mario at level 9 and Luigi at level 10. You should be able to do 3 or 4 points of damage to her. Luigi's Brother Attack is the best one to use.
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Cheat Code Defeating Queen Bean