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Easy Win Against Blackmetalgarurumon - Digimon Rumble Arena 2

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How To: Easy win against Blackmetalgarurumon

Use Giga Destruction when your opponent is at a long distance. Use Ice Wolf Claw if your opponent is near to you, then continue with Fire Wolf Claw.
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  • Jecht-Sphere-locations


  • Legendary-weapons.php">Al Bhed Primer locations

      1. Al Bhed Salvage ship
      2. Besaid Village. Crusaders Lodge
      3. S.S. liki. Engine room
      4. Kilika.Tavern
      5. S.S. Winno. Bridge
      6. Luca Stadium. Basement B
      7. Luca theater. Reception
      8. Mi'ihen Highroad
      9. Mi'ihen Highroad. Newroad, North
      10. Mushroom Rock Road
      11. Djose Highroad
      12. Moonflow
      13. Guadosalam.House
      14. Thunder Plains. Agency (Tell Rin that your study is going okay)
      15. Macalania Woods
      16. Lake Macalania
      17. Sanubia Desert
      18. Sanubia Desert
      19. Al Bhed Home
      20. Al Bhed Home. Living Quarters
      21. Al Bhed Home. Main Corridor
      22. Bevelle Temple (Must acquire immediately after the wedding)
      23. The Calm Lands
      24. Remiem Temple (Near chocobo)
      25. The Calm lands
      26. Omega Ruins

  • Cactuar locations

      Oasis: Near the first save point.
      Oasis: Teleport back to the airship and go on the outside deck.
      Sanubia Desert (east): In an alcove to the east; north of the tent with the save sphere.
      Sanubia Desert (west): Search the sign near the Cactuar rock that reads "20% Off".
      Sanubia Desert (central): Near the ruins to the west; Look for the two Cactuars that are running in the desert.
      Sanubia Desert (east): Near the save point under the tent.
      Sanubia Desert (central): Trapped in a treasure chest in the far west.
      Sanubia Desert (west): Inside one of the sand whirlpools; you must exit and re-enter the area.
      Sanubia Desert: Return to the Cactuar statue and the last one automatically appears behind you.

  • Jecht Sphere locations

      1. Obtained automatically after defeating the Spherimorph.
      2. Besaid Village, to the right of the temple.
      3. Onboard the S.S. Liki.
      4. Luca Stadium in Basement A of Auroch's locker room.
      5. Mi'hen highroad, southern most part.
      6. Mushroom rock road, near the elevator.
      7. South Moonflow.
      8. South Macalaina Woods.
      9. Mt. Gagazet.
      10. Entrance/path to Thunder Plains; where two men tell you to see Seymour.

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  • Cheat Code Easy win against Blackmetalgarurumon