Chapter 22 Cheat Code

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Chapter 22 - Fire Emblem

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How To: Chapter 22

For a sure win on Chapter 22 (in which you protect Nils), you need a long bow with either Rebecca or Will. You need also Marcus with 2 Light Runes if possible, Oswin preferably as a general, Erk Best as a Sage, someone with a javelin or hand axe, and all the other units allowed. Leave the Ostia units at the bottom of the stairs followed by two (two by two) Paladins, then Erk and the person with a javelin or hand axe. For the second long bow, get Rath (the green nomad). Deploy Merlinus and in that small area where Nils is put, the rest of your units for substitutes while you heal the six needed units.
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Cheat Code Chapter 22