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Defeating Bowletta - Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga

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How To: Defeating Bowletta

Have Mario equipped with the Casual Slacks, Tank Bade, and Greed Wallet; and Luigi with the Queen B. Jeans, Muscle Badge, and Bonus Ring. There are two rounds with Bowletta. The first is actually the easiest. Bowletta starts the round with a flame attack that you can only avoid if you hit blocks above Mario's and Luigi's head and then jump at the correct moment. Bowletta may do an attack where she charges by chomping her jaws then spits out a number of fireballs. Note: Not all of the fireballs will be aimed at Mario and Luigi. Three of the fireballs will stay on the floor. Try to destroy these as soon as possible as Bowletta will absorb them and gain health. When you get close to defeating her, she will change color and a emit a group of stars. They will launch at Mario and Luigi. Note: You only have to use the mallets on the green and red stars; the purple ones can be avoided. When you defeat her, an intermission sequence will start. When Mario and Luigi do their victory dance, a Bomb-Om will appear behind them and wipe them out. Bowletta will then suck them up in her belly What follows is the difficult part of the battle. You will find Cackletta's true form. It starts out very difficultly, as you start out at 1 HP. Cackletta will start with a lot of different attacks. Her arms have two attacks. In the first, her hands will get very close to Mario and Luigi. This is very easy to counterattack because you have plenty of time to use the mallets. In the second attack, she pulls her arms out to her sides then has them rotate around her. You must watch how they are positioned as they will go high and low. Her head has about five attacks. The first attack is when she charges up an energy ball and launches it at Mario and Luigi. This one of the more interesting attacks because you have to hit it with a mallet four times to destroy it. The second attack is an electric ball that appears in front of Mario or Luigi. You must hit it with a mallet, then it will go for the other brother and you have hit it again. As you progress in the battle the number of times you must hit it increases. The third attack features two fireballs will start spinning around Mario and Luigi. You must have both brothers jump at the same time to dodge it. The pattern is random and it starts spinning more as you progress. The fourth attack only appears when you are getting close to winning. This is the most annoying attack. Her eyes will start moving around, and when they stop time will freeze and she shoots two lasers. The only way to dodge this is when her eyes are moving it shows which direction to jump to before the time freezes. In the fifth type of attack she just heals one of her limbs. The only way to injury her is to destroy the arms and heads. Then, her heart will be revealed. You must attack her heart to do any damage. Note: She will regenerate her head and arms. You can still hurt her as long as her heart is exposed. The heart will do ah attack that either regenerates any limbs you destroyed or heal them. Note: The heart does this to all body parts at the same time. If you manage to avoid most attacks and heal when necessary, you will be victorious.
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Cheat Code Defeating Bowletta