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Defeating The V3 Navis - Megaman Battle Network 2

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How To: Defeating the V3 Navis

You can defeat at least three of the V3 Navis with an easy S rating using this method. On most of the folders you build to defeat V3 Navis, do not rely on Recovery Chips. They waste time, which is a very important factor in getting an S rating. Use FireGuts because it gives you a free quick charging 100 damage no matter if you have a chip on hand or not. First, build a wood type folder with many TreeBom1-2-3s and other high damaging chips. Go to MarineHbr and challenge Toadman to a battle by talking to the reporter beside the van. Beat him mercilessly until you have at least five V3 Toadman chips. Second, build an electric type folder and use all your Toadman V3 chips and perhaps some Satelite3 or Magbomb2-3. Buy a lot of LocEnemies from the subchip man in the Netbattler building. Go all the way to Undernet 7 and get Freezeeman V3 to appear, if you have not fought V2, walk over to the left side of the area and down and he should appear. Then, V3 will appear randomly. After you run into his V3 self the first time, save and use a LocEnemy so you can load the save file until it finally runs into him. He is a water type and is stupidly standing on an all ice fight area. Throw any electric things you have at him and get five V3 chips from him. The Toadman V3 chips do 720 damage to him in one shot, since he is taking four times the damage from electric type chips. Finally, build a water type folder and this time use all your Freezeman V3 chips you just collected. Goto the airport and fight Heatman, who is the character with red hair in the final departure room of the airport. He is easy with your Freezeman V3 chips, they are a bit random but most definitely one of the most powerful chips when you combine them with +Attack or +Navi chips. There are a total of about eight or nine attacks and the + chip will add to each one of those attacks.
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Cheat Code Defeating the V3 Navis