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Easy Money - Rockman EXE 3

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How To: Easy money

After you get the commendation from SciLab, go to the hospital and jack in the vending machine besides the chip trader. Go to the southwest and get the chip, which is 9,000 Zenny. After that, go to the east from the chip to find a Gambler. The price will rise as you win, up to 256,000 Zenny. Win them for a lot of money. Also, after you complete the game and defeat Alpha, go to the SciLab. Go to the Job BBS board. Do the job that involves collecting the legendary tomes. Go to Hades Isle and talk to the Ghost Navi. He will tell you to go collect three Tomes. First, make sure you have 7,000 Zenny. Then, go to the Undersquare and talk to the person on the right. He will trade the tome for 7,000 Zenny. Next, go to Undernet 3 and search for a person that will give you a tome. The last tome is somewhere in Undernet 6. Once you get all three tomes, do not go back to the Ghost Navi. Instead, go to the staff lounge. On the left shelf there will be a statue. Talk to the statue to get 300,000 Zenny.
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Cheat Code Easy money