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Easy Lives - Rockman Zero

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How To: Easy lives

The Occupy Factory mission must be available for this trick. Begin the level normally, by killing the flying shield enemies. Once you reach the end near the Big Life Restore area, Dash Jump to the left. Slash the trap and Dash Jump over there. Slash the trap and then Dash Jump to the silver platform. Walk up it, and at the very tip, Dash Jump to the right. Use a long range weapon to destroy the mines. Dash Jump to the other side, then shoot the other mines. Dash Jump and you will finally be on ground. Next, slash away at the door and go in the vent. Slash the fans and get the large crystal container and a life. Then, go up, slash the fans, and take the Cyber Elf. You have also skipped the sensors. Keep this shortcut in mind, since it will be vital for your Protect Base mission. Go through all the level as normal. When you arrive at the elevator part, go all the way down. Collect the crystals and destroy the spider enemies. Then, go to the moving wood robots . Be careful -- do not lose your gained life. Ride and Dash onto the other moving platforms. Keep going until there is a platform with two spiders hanging from the bottom. Dash Jump up and Wall Jump up there to gain another life. You can also get the Cyber Elf down there. You can now die by jumping of the platform and lose one life. Thus, you are only losing one life but getting two in the process. Repeat the process to get extra lives. You will also get lots of crystals and hopefully level up weapons in the process.
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Cheat Code Easy lives