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Easy Lives In World 1 2 - Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island

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How To: Easy lives in World 1 2

Pick up the shell at the start of the level and throw it at the row of Koopas. Quit level and repeat for endless lives. Also in level 2 (the one with the ten red Koopas at the start). you can get close to thirty extra lives. When you first enter the level, hold B and run forward. You should run into a shell and will be holding it. Run back with the shell to the ten red Koopas and throw it at them. If you hit them all, you get an extra life. Get a Yoshi out of the block and run forward to the next block with a Yoshi (by the moles that pop out of the walls) and hit it. An extra life mushroom will appear. Climb the beanstalk to the clouds. To get the beanstalk, hit the block on the far left of the walls that the mole appears from. There is a Dragon (Yoshi) Coin there. Collect the other four and get another extra life. Go down one of the blue tunnels near the end of the level. There will be flying blocks. You can pick up a block and throw it at them, but an easier way is to simply jump with Yoshi then jump off in mid-air (press A while on Yoshi and R at the peak of its jump). An extra life will be in the third flying block. Leave the tunnel, then run back to the entrance. Go down the same tunnel again and hit the third block to get another extra life. Do this until you have about forty seconds remaining, then sprint to the goal with your extra lives.
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