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Completing The Slam City Jam - Tony Hawk's Underground

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How To: Completing the Slam City Jam

To increase the chances of completing the Slam City Jam, follow these steps. Get to the Slam City Jam, Save the game before you start the competition. Talk to the official and enter the competition. At the place you start, turn around and there is a halfpipe with rails way above the sides of the halfpipe Go in it and get enough air to lip on the rails above the halfpipe. Make sure you are straight or it will not work. Lip on one of the rails. Do as many lip transitions as possible while balancing at the same time. When you have done about ten tricks, hold Down until you fall. The moment you touch down on the ramp again, press R to do a BS Revert and ramp off the other side of the halfpipe and do the same thing as you did on the other side. You do not have to manual between the two ramps because they are so close together. When you finish, if done correctly, you should get a score between 80 and 95 Do the same thing on the second and third heats of the competition. Try to get two heat scores of 90 or above to finish in first place. If you do not place third or better, turn off your game and turn it back on without saving after the competition.
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Cheat Code Completing the Slam City Jam