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Easy Manual Stats - Tony Hawk's Underground

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How To: Easy manual stats

To get easy manual stats, get your manual stats to the highest level that you can get regularly. Than go to a place that has a long open straight-a-way. Line up pretty straight with the straight-a-way. Tap back to go slow and do a regular manual by pressing up down. Steady your balance as long as you can. When you go out of control, press ollie or hold up and you will land the manual with the stats. The slower you are manualing the easier it is to go longer. If you are not sure what type of manual you are doing, (manual or nose manual) look down real quick or enough to see what manual you are doing. If you are doing a manual, (up down) hold up to land it. If you are doing a nose manual, (down up) hold down to land it.
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Cheat Code Easy manual stats