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Dead To Rights Cheats

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Lazy Ass mode
Infinite health
Infinite Shadow Stamina
Infinite adrenaline
Infinite armor
Infinite dual Guncons
Infinite human shields
10,000 Bullets mode
Boomstick mode
Chow Yun Jack mode
Time To Pay mode
One Hit Wonder mode
Sharpshooter mode
Wussy mode
Precursor mode
Hard boiled mode
Powered-up punches and kicks
Double melee attack damage
Enemies disarmed
Ignored by enemies
Defeating Hennessey
Defeating Pinnacle
Defeating the helicopter for the last time
Defeating people without guns
Destroying the clown van in the cemetery
Flaming Fisted Man warning
All pistol disarms in Chapter 1
Spine break in Chapter 3
Ledge in mine in Chapter 3
Voice access in Chapter 13
Fahook uses bottle in Chapter 14
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Cheat Codes Dead To Rights