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Freekstyle Cheats

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Cheat mode
All tracks
All characters
All costumes
All bikes
No bike
Infinite boost
Freekout meter fills quicker
Freekout Time always active
Full boost for every trick you land
Slow-motion effect
Low gravity
Play as Clifford Adoptante
Play as Greg Albertyn
Play as Jessica Patterson
Play as Mike Jones
Burn It Up track
Gnome Sweet Gnome track
Let It Ride track
Rocket Garden track
Crash Pad FreeStyle track
The Burbs FreeStyle track
Bloodshot bike for Mike Metzger
Rock Of Ages bike for Mike Metzger
Rhino Rage bike for Mike Metzger
Mulisha Man bike for Brian Deegan
Heavy Metal bike for Brian Deegan
Dominator bike for Brian Deegan
Hot Stuff bike for Leeann Tweeden
Trendsetter bike for Leeann Tweeden
Seducer bike for Leeann Tweeden
Amore bike for Stefy Bau
Disco Tech bike for Stefy Bau
211 bike for Stefy Bau
Gone Tiki bike for Clifford Adoptante
Island Spirit bike for Clifford Adoptante
Hang Loose bike for Clifford Adoptante
Beater bike for Mike Jones
Lil' Demon bike for Mike Jones
Flushed bike for Mike Jones
Speedy bike for Jessica Patterson
Charged Up bike for Jessica Patterson
Racer Girl bike for Jessica Patterson
The King bike for Greg Albertyn
National Pride bike for Greg Albertyn
Champion bike for Greg Albertyn
Ecko MX outfit for Mike Metzger
All Tatted Up outfit for Mike Metzger
Muscle Bound outfit for Brian Deegan
Commander outfit for Brian Deegan
Fun Lovin' outfit for Leeann Tweeden
Red Hot outfit for Leeann Tweeden
Playing Jax outfit for Stefy Bau
UFO Racer outfit for Stefy Bau
Tiki outfit for Clifford Adoptante
Tankin' It outfit for Clifford Adoptante
Blue Collar outfit for Mike Jones
High Roller outfit for Mike Jones
Warming Up outfit for Jessica Patterson
Hoodie Style outfit for Jessica Patterson
Sharp Dresser outfit for Greg Albertyn
Star Rider outfit for Greg Albertyn
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