Easy Silenced Assassin Rank On Jacuzzi Job Cheat Code

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Easy Silenced Assassin Rank On Jacuzzi Job - Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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How To: Easy Silenced Assassin rank on Jacuzzi Job

When the level starts, immediately hop over the railing next to you and enter the door. Go towards the two double doors that lead to the elevator hallway but do not go through either of them. Stand between them, next to the potted tree. If you are in the correct location, the guards will not see you when they enter. Once they have passed, calmly walk through the double doors and toward the Jacuzzi room. Enter it and stand behind the screen so that the bikini guards cannot see you. Wait for them to go to the bathroom then sneak up and rope Charlie Sidjan with the fiber wire. Quickly drag his body towards the door and position him and yourself so that when the door opens you will be hidden behind it. When the girls re-enter the room they will not see you. After they walk by, drag Charlie into the bathroom across the hall. By doing this, the girls will not find his dead body immediately. A male guard should now be heading your way. If desired, open the door and chloroform him as he turns and walks back from the end of the hall. Hide his body in the bathroom as well. Next, walk straight to the piano room where the expensive statue is, but do not take it. Exit the doors and wait outside, watching your map. When the computer woman turns around (green circle on map), enter her room then sneak up behind her when she has the wall safe open. Feed her some chloroform and take the money in the safe. Leave her body there -- no one will see it. Exit the other door in the room and cross the hallway to the next room. Smash the fuses so the power goes out. Head back, grab the statue, then wait for the technician to arrive in the elevator. Stay out of his sight. When he exits the elevator and heads for the fuse box, walk into the elevator and get your Silent Assassin rank. Note: You can optionally chloroform the second male guard in the dark when he cannot see you. Also, if you cannot see in the dark, turn up your brightness on your screen or get the nightvision (difficult to use) near the statue.
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Cheat Code Easy Silenced Assassin rank on Jacuzzi Job