Defeating Lurtz (as Aragorn) Cheat Code

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Defeating Lurtz (as Aragorn) - Lord Of The Rings, The: The Two Towers

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How To: Defeating Lurtz (as Aragorn)

Lurts starts by shooting arrows. Deflect them with your sword then fire a charged arrow at him. Keep repeating this until the intermission sequence where he grabs a sword from the ground begins. When he charges you, kill the minions that appear and try to hide behind one of the marble statues surrounding the arena. He will stab it, stick in, then be open for an attack. Use the Y thrust. Normally, two shots can be dealt and sometimes a third if you are lucky. Note: This is on the easy and normal difficulty setting. Also, when he rips his sword from the marble statue, it disintegrates, dropping health, arrows or other useful items.
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Cheat Code Defeating Lurtz (as Aragorn)