Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheat Codes

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Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cheats

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All Cup Tour
Special Cup
Mirror mode
Luigi's Mansion battle arena
Tilt-A-Kart battle arena
Baby Luigi's Kart
Birdo's Kart
Bowser Jr.'s Kart
Daisy's Kart
Diddy Kong's Kart
King Boo's Kart
Koopa's Kart
Luigi's Kart
Petey Piranha's Kart
Toadette's Kart
Toad's Kart
Toadsworth's Kart
Waluigi's Kart
Parade Kart
New Karts in Grand Prix
Alternate opening and ending screens
All bonuses
Alternate title screen
Acceleration kart attribute
Weight kart attribute
Quick start
Quick restart
Faster karts
Easy win
Better chance of getting good power-ups
Steal items
Pass items
No lightning damage
Recover from lightning
Shortcut in Bowser's Castle
Shortcuts in Daisy Cruiser
Shortcut in DK Mountain
Shortcuts in Dino Land
Shortcut in Dry Dry Ruins
Bob-omb Blast mode in Luigi's Mansion
Shine Theft mode in Luigi's Mansion
Balloon Battle mode in Luigi's Mansion
Shortcuts in Mushroom Bridge
Boost in Mushroom Bridge
Shortcut in Mushroom City
Boost in Mushroom City
Shortcut in Peach Beach
Star power-up in Rainbow Road
Shortcut in Wario Coliseum
Shortcuts in Yoshi Circuit
Nintendo staff ghost times
Kart stats
Speed kart attribute
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Cheat Codes Mario Kart: Double Dash!!