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Mario Party 4 Cheats

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Bowser's Gnarly Party board
Special Bowser mini-game
Extra Room mini-games
Extra story mode mini-games

    Win against Goomba in story mode to unlock Goomba's Chip Flip.
    Win against Shy Guy in story mode to unlock Archeologuess.
    Win against Toad in story mode to unlock Bowser Bop.
    Win against Boo in story mode to unlock Mystic Match 'Em.
    Win against Koopa in story mode to unlock Kareening Koopas.
    Win against Bowser in story mode to unlock The Final Battle.

  • Free mode in Beach Volleyball
    Expert difficulty setting
    The Final Battle
    Birthday Cake
    Boo Plate
    Boo's Photo Stand
    Bowser Lamp
    Bowser Object
    Bowser Picture
    Bowser Plate
    Bowser Television
    Bowser Vase
    Bowser's Teapot
    Daisy Doll
    Daisy's Bed
    Daisy's Flowers
    Daisy's Nightstand
    Daisy's Table
    Donkey Kong Doll
    Donkey Kong's Barrel
    Donkey Kong's Box
    Donkey Kong's Stand
    Donkey Kong's Tree
    Goomba Clock
    Goomba Plate
    Koopa Plate
    Luigi Doll
    Luigi's Airbike
    Luigi's Chair
    Luigi's Dumbbell
    Luigi's Table
    Mario Doll
    Mario's Refrigerator
    Mario's Sofa
    Mario's Table
    Mario's Television
    Peach Doll
    Peach's Chair
    Peach's Clock
    Peach's Table
    Peach's Treasure Chest
    Shy Guy Plate
    Toad Plate
    Toad Teapot
    Toad's Cup
    Waluigi Doll
    Waluigi's Calendar
    Waluigi's Chair
    Yoshi Doll
    Yoshi's Computer
    Yoshi's Egg
    Yoshi's Shoes
    Yoshi's Table
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