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Navi Zero Chip - Megaman Network Transmission

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How To: Navi Zero Chip

Before battle with Zero, go to the Global Area 1 (where you must go to defeat the Bosses to get the pass codes underneath their warp points for their levels). When you get to Global Area 1, look towards the bottom left. You will see a giant yellow data there. Go there and get it. You will have to take the path under the green Navi that tells you that the Undernet is ahead. When you get the data, Mega Man will tell Lan that this data is hard to read. Lan will then send it to his dad for research. Advance with the story until you get to Zero. When you get to Zero and defeat him, there will be a lot of dialog. Lan's dad will appear, saying that the mystery data he sent him was a backup program for Zero, and that Zero does not have to be killed and can be turned to good. Finish everything, then the professor will appear and say that he has created a new life virus, and will soon hack into the world's networks, take over the missile computers, and kill everyone. Chaud and Lan will jack out. Read the e-mail you get, and Zero will give you his Z-Sabe. He will also give you his own Navi chip. Once you get it, it cannot be duplicated and you cannot fight him in the Net Battle Simulator. You can call him out, giving the enemy three good slashes and a lot of health taken away.
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Cheat Code Navi Zero Chip