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Pikmin Cheats

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Research Pikmin Cheat Codes

Challenge mode option
Get more Pikmin
Invincible Captain Olimar
Captain Olimar's attack
Get various colored Pikmin
Blue Pikmin
Purple Pikmin
Flower Pikmin
Faster Pikmin
Keeping Pikmin safe
Start with 24 flower Pikmin
Get three parts in one day
Learning about enemies
Advanced throwing technique
Winning battles
Save Pikmin from drowning
Get carried to Onion
Captain's logs
#1 Ionium Jet
Analog Computer
Geiger Counter
Gluon Drive
Interstellar Radio
Omega Stabilizer
Position Generator
Radiation Canopy
Shock Absorber
Whimsical Radar
Parts list
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Cheat Codes Pikmin