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Sonic Adventure DX Cheats

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Level select in Sonic Chaos
Level select in Sonic Labyrinth
Level select in Sonic Spinball
Faster background music in Sonic Spinball
Disable gravity in Sonic Spinball
Zoomed in view in Sonic Spinball
Level select in Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Game Gear games
Two player Game Gear mode
Toggle Game Gear game screen
In-game reset
Play as Super Sonic
Play as Metal Sonic
Play as Tails
Mission mode
Easy rings with Sonic
Easy coins with E-102 in Adventure Field
Easy coins with Tails
Easy rings for Tails
Easy rings for Knuckles
Extra lives for Knuckles
Get Crystal Ring
Train Station Sonic Emblem
Silver Chao egg
Golden Chao egg
Black and blue Chao egg
Reuse animals
Sonic Stage 1 shortcut
Change shape in Egg Carrier
Take a shower in Casinopolis
Ring room in Casinopolis
Cream appearance in Casinopolis
More rings in Emerald Coast
Sonic Super jump in Emerald Coast
Knuckles' Maximum Fighting Gloves in Mystic Ruins
Extra life in Mystical Ruins
Opening doors in Station Square
Defeating the whale
Defeating Chaos 0
Defeating Chaos 6
Defeating Perfect Chaos
Hurt Perfect Chaos at less than maximum speed
Perfect Chaos face smash
Emblem locations
Power-up locations
Number of missions for each character
Getting every Emblem

    Sonic: 30 emblems to collect in Sonic's Action Stages.
    Tails: 15 emblems to collect in Tail's Action Stages.
    Knuckles: 15 emblems to collect in Knuckles Action Stages.
    Amy: 9 emblems to collect in Amy's Action Stages.
    Big the Cat: 12 emblems to collect in Big's Action Stages.
    E-102 Gamma: 15 emblems to collect in E-102's Action Stages.
    Adventure Field: 12 emblems to find in Adventure Field.
    Mini Games: 10 emblems to collect in Mini Games.
    Chao Races: 5 emblems to collect in Chao Races.
    Complete the game with all six characters to get 6 emblems.

Chao moods

    Heart: Happy
    Swirl: Angry
    Question Mark: Confused
    Exclamation Mark: Surprised
    XX over eyes: Angry
    -- over eyes: Happy
    Half Closed eyes: Tired
    Waving Arms: Wants Attention
    Flailing Arms: Angry

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