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Defeating Rhino - Spider Man 2

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How To: Defeating Rhino

When Rhino tries to hit you, there will be a flash above Spider-Man's head. Press X when this happens. When Rhino stops spinning, he will be dizzy. Punch him until he recovers, then he will charge at you. Jump over him. Do not punch or web him. If you web him you will get hurt. If you punch him it will not have any affect because there is metal around his body. Also when fighting Rhino, a flash appears above Spider-Man's head. Dodge his attacks and when he is dizzy, turn on the spider senses and hit him. When he recovers, dodge his attacks and repeat the process. After you defeat Rhino (when Spider-Man hangs him upside down from the building), you can jump up and attack him to hear him say "That's not fair!!," along with a few more remarks.
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Cheat Code Defeating Rhino