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Reaching Liberty And Ellis Islands - Spider Man 2

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How To: Reaching Liberty and Ellis Islands

The only way to get to Liberty Island and/or Ellis Island is to hitch a ride on the patrolling helicopters that surround the islands. To do this, stand on the edge of the Manhattan island where you can see the Statue Of Liberty and the other island (Ellis Island). Then, look up and watch for helicopters. They are much easier to spot in the daylight hours, and may only appear during this time. Then, charge-jump and web-sling to attach to one. Wait for it to get close to the island and/or the other helicopter. You will know when to make the jump for the islands. Also, when you must get to Liberty Island, keeping swinging to the island until you see eight little red dots. Then, drop into the water and you will float all the way over to the island. To get to the Statue Of Liberty from Quentin Becks, first jump hard then keep web swinging from the UFO. While doing that, keep jumping and getting boost by pressing Turbo at the bottom of a swing. Keep doing this, even when you fall.
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Cheat Code Reaching Liberty and Ellis Islands