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Street Hoops Cheats

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Alternate clothing colors
Play as AO, Booger, Half Man Half Amazing, Headache, Hot Sauce, Speedy, The Future, The Main Event
Play as Master P and Lil' Romeo
Play as Xzibit
Play as Cypress Hill, DJ Muggz, and Bobo
Play as Half Man-Half Amazing
Play as Silk The Shocker
Play as Speedy
Play as B Real, Muggs, Bobo and the London Knights team
Athens Minotaurs team
Kinshasha Warriors team
San Juan Coquis team
Cypress Hill LowRider music video
Masta P Make Em Say Ugh & OOOHHWEE music video
Xzibit Front 2 Back music video
Volume 3 Mix Tape
Volume 4 Mix Tape
Volume 5 Mix Tape
Placing bets
Get past defender
Get more momentum
Easy money
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Cheat Codes Street Hoops