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Zelda: The Wind Waker Cheats

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Infinite health
Alternate background music
Understand Hyrulian language
Alternate costumes and DX camera
Ballad Of Gales
Easy Joy Pendants
Easy rupees
Grappling Hook
Light Arrows
Sword power-up
Trash in the ocean
Free ride
Bomb Beedle's Shop Ship
Pig attack
Hyrule Field view
Turn and fall over ice
Healing signs
Bottomless pit
NBC theme song
Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time references
Defeating Desert Sand Ray
Defeating the Dragon Roost Island Boss
Defeating the Earth Temple Boss
Defeating the Forest Haven Boss
Defeating Ganondorf
Defeating the Forsaken Fortress Boss
Defeating Ganon's Tower Boss
Defeating the God's Tower Boss
Defeating Phantom Ganon
Defeating the Wind Temple Boss
Defeating Zeetlock
Dazed Medli at Dragon Roost Island
Easy rupees at Dragon Roost Island
Refill magic at Forest Haven Island
Pictures at Hyrule Castle
Infinite Knight's Crests at Ice Ring Isle
Fire and Ice Arrows at Mother And Child Island
5,000 Rupee Pouch at Outset Island
Triforce Chart and Heart piece at Outset Island
Hero's Sword at Outset Island
Hurricane Spin attack at Outset Island
Heart piece at Outset Island
Mad Orca at Outset Island
Finding the Tingle Tuner (GBA) at Taura Island
Purchasing the Sail at Windfall Island
Enemy HP Scanner at Windfall Island
Cabana Deed at Windfall Island
Heart piece at Windfall Island
Magic Shield from Zunari
Bottle locations
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Cheat Codes Zelda: The Wind Waker