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Perfect Dark Cheats

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Mr. Blonde's Revenge mission
Maian SOS mission
War! mission
Duel mission
Perfect Darkness difficulty setting
All guns in Solo mode
Infinite ammunition
Infinite ammunition and no reloads
Infinite Laptop gun ammunition
Hurricane Fists
X-Ray scanner
Play as Elvis
DK Mode
Small Jo
Small characters
Team heads only
Slow motion single player
Jo shield
Super shield
Enemy shields
Enemy rockets
Classic sight
Marquis of Queensbury rules
Rocket launcher (Jo in solo mode)
Sniper rifle (Jo in solo mode)
Superdragon (Jo in solo mode)
Laptop gun (Jo in solo mode)
Phoenix (Jo in solo mode)
Psychosis gun (Jo in solo mode)
Trent's Magnum (Jo in solo mode)
Farsight (Jo in solo mode)
Classic weapons (Jo in solo mode)
Alien (Buddies)
Hit And Run (Buddies)
Hot Shot (Buddies)
Pugilist (Buddies)
Alternate title screen
Alternate introduction sequence
Extra multi-player levels and weapons
Hide your screen (Multi-player mode)
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.php">Replacement moves

    The TKO can be used as the Messiah's Godsmack.
    The Double Arm DDT can be used as Buff Bagwell's Butterfly DDT.
    The Huge Chokeslam can be used as The Big Show's Showstopper.
    The Scissor sweep can be used as the Drop Toe Hold.
    The DDT 2 can be used as Raven's Evenflow DDT.
    The Tiger Driver can be used as Ahmed Johnson's Pearl River Plunge.
    The Phoenix Splash can be used as Jeff Hardy's Corkscrew Moonsault.
    The Backflip can be used as Lita's moonsault.
    The Dudleyz Atomic Drop can be used as Buh Buh Ray Dudley's Buh Buh Bomb.
    The Senton Bomb can be used as Grandmasta Sexay's Hip Hop Drop.
    The Electric Chair Drop can be used as Edge's Edge-o-matic.
    The Downward Spiral can be used as Kanyon's Flatliner.
    The Sharpshooter can be used as Sting's Scorpian Death Lock.
    The Elbow drop off the Turnbuckle can be used as Test's Diving Elbow.
    The Camel Clutch can be used as Scott Steiner's Steiner Recliner.
    The Fishermans Suplex can be used as "Mr. Perfect" Kurt Hennig's Perfectplex.
    The Morality Check for Chuck Palumbo's Jungle Kick.

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