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Pokemon Stadium Cheats

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Amnesia Psyduck
Surfing Pikachu
Surfing Pikachu
Talking Pikachu
Surfing Raichu
Mew in Prime Cup
Mewtwo Battle
Round 2
Kids Club Hyper mode
Alternate title screen
Play Pokémon faster
Get Pokémon presents faster
Bonus stickers
Start with all three beginning Pokémon
Unlimited number of same Pokémon
Avoid recoil damage
Take less damage
Inflict greater damage
Attack first
Trade without a second transfer pak
Give Pokémon to another Game Boy pak without getting one back
Game Shark codes without a Nintendo 64 Game Shark
Alternate Pokémon colors
Get Pokémon for Game Boy game
Pokémon Stadium Cup requirements
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Cheat Codes Pokemon Stadium