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Alternate ending sequence
Alternate dialogue
Final ending scene
Instant full life
Extra ammunition
Extra shotgun ammunition
Easy kills
Stronger melee attacks
Blue shields
Jumping in a Warthog
Warthog fun
Double jump
Jump higher
Flying team members
Flying bodies
Survive almost any drop with any vehicle
Mobile explosion
Piggyback ride
Sneak up on radar in multi-player mode
Quick kill in multi-player mode
Defeating Covenants
Defeating Flood types
Defeating Grunts
Defeating Hunters
Defeating Jackals
Satisfying goals and challenges

    Kill a Hunter with a melee attack (let him rush sidestep, then attack).
    Kill a Golod Swordman with a melee attack (hit him with a pistol burst from very close, then immediately attack).
    Run over enemies with a Warhog.
    Blast groups of enemies with a Scorpion Cannon.
    Skip a major part of level 5.
    Shoot down a Banshee with a rocket launcher.
    Shoot down a Banshee from a Banshee.
    Finish the game in legendary mode.
    Playing through the entire game co-op in legendary mode.
    Taking out a friend (not in a vehicle) in multi-player with a plasma grenade.

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