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Spider Man: The Movie Cheats

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Cheat mode
Level select
Level skip
Bonus training levels
Infinite webbing
All fighting controls
Play as Mary Jane
Play as The Shocker
Play as a scientist
Play as a police officer
Play as Captain Stacey (helicopter pilot)
Play as thug model 1
Play as thug model 2
Play as thug model 3
Matrix-style attacks
Goblin-style costume
Small Spider-Man
Big head and feet for Spider-Man
Enemies have big heads
First person view
Super coolant
Pinhead Bowling mini-game
Vulture FMV sequence
Shocker FMV sequence
Green Goblin FMV sequence
Play as Alex Ross
Play as the Green Goblin
Alternate Green Goblin costume
Play as Peter Parker
Play as a wrestler
Hang on to Green Goblin's glider
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Cheat Codes Spider Man: The Movie