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Archaeological Dig - Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness

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How To: Archaeological Dig

When you enter, you will have a few enemies. Run all the way to the end, and open the door to the room. Shoot the people inside and press [Action] on the gadget on the wall. Run out of the room and to your right until you see a small path to a large room with a computer. Look into the computer and search the ground (the second Ancient Sign is at the end of the plot), and print it. You now have two of the four Ancient Signs necessary to enter the Tomb Of Ancients. Now, climb down the ladders to the bottom of the archaeological dig and climb up the climbable wall. Drop down at the landing at the top. Look up, and you can monkey-bar across the bottom of the bridge above you. Be careful, as it is a long bridge and Lara's strength is limited. Climb up onto the bridge and go to the place that you saw during the intermission sequence when you pressed [Action] on the gadget in the room. Press [Action] on the door. This will lower the improvised elevator. Now, drop down to the ledge beneath the bridge. Jump to the improvised elevator landing and you will now see a giant wheel. Look all the way in the back of your notebook. It will show you the first and last Ancient Sign. The middle two are the ones that you collected from the printers in Carvier's office and the plot. Turn the wheel until you find the sign, and go up the stairs and turn the wheel to lock the sign in place. Once you have arranged the signs in order, the wheel will lock. Get back to the top of the bridge, and you will the see the circle on the ground has opened. You will fall into the next level, The Tomb of Ancients.
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Cheat Code Archaeological Dig