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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Cheats

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Cheat mode
All levels
All hidden characters
All gaps and Private Carrera
Special meter always full
Raise stats to 5
Raise stats to 6
Raise stats to 7
Raise stats to 8
Raise stats to 9
Raise stats to 10
Raise stats to 13
Extra points
Extra money
Complete game
Skip to restart (random start locations)
Perfect balance
Kid mode
Turbo mode
Blood mode
Big head mode
Wire frame mode
Slow-Nic mode (slow-motion tricks)
Smooth mode (no texture maps)
Disco mode
Moon physics (low gravity)
Double moon physics
Fat skater
Thin skater
Flip level
Flight mode
Play as Spider-Man
Play as Officer Dick
Play as Private Carrera
Play as McSqueeb
Chopper Drop: Hawaii level
Skate Heaven level
Neversoft Bails FMV sequence
Neversoft Makes FMV sequence
Skater's FMV sequence
Custom created skaters

Fred Durst

    Complexion: 2
    Head: Beenie
    Color: Red
    Torso: T-shirt
    Color: Black
    Pants: Baggy carpenter
    Color: Light brown
    Shoes: Axion Campbell
    Weight: 196

Freddy Kreuger

    Complexion: Type 2
    Head: Hey Skipper
    Hat Color: Black
    Torso: Long Sleeve Striped
    Shirt Color: Red
    Sleeve Color: Red
    Pants: Regular Pants
    Pant Color: Dark Brown
    Shoes: Circa Thomas
    Weight: 180

Gilligan (Gilligan's Island)

    Complexion: Type 2
    Head: Hey Skipper
    Cap color: White
    Torso: Long Sleeve
    Logo: n/a
    Shirt color: Red
    Sleeve color: Red
    Pants: Regular Pants
    Pants color: Blue
    Shins: n/a
    Shoes: NS Blue

Pat Channita

    Complexion: 3
    Head: Low cut
    Torso: T-Shirt
    Color: Red
    Logo: Brigade
    Pants: Baggy Pants
    Color: Dark Blue
    Shoes: Caballero Pro
    Weight: 145

Tom Green

    Complexion: Type 2
    Head: Brown Hair
    Torso: Long Underwear
    Shirt Color: Black
    Logo: None
    Pants: Baggy Cargo
    Pants Color: Light Brown
    Shoes: Airwalk Lasek
    Weight: 145

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