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Defeating Martina R - .hack Part 2: Mutation

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How To: Defeating Martina R

After you defeat Magus (the last Boss), the message board gets updated and you are challenged to another round of Goblin Tag. Go to the Root Town and look for a player named Koji. Trade him whatever you can for a Beast's Bane. Go to Lambda: Detestable, Vengeful, Gate and you will start the fight with Martina R. You will notice that physical attacks do very little, if you can even hit her, and no magic can hurt her. Use the Beast's Bane and it will lower her Magic Defense significantly. If you have the Fishskin Twin Blade weapon (obtained by Data Draining the Squidpod enemy) you can use Merrows. Using Merrows one time should knock about 1,000 HP off of Martina. Use it a second time to finish her off. After the battle, Martina gives you the Imp's Praises Key Item. Once again, equip all the Goblin Armor on Kite and he will be able to summon level 2 Goblins.
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Cheat Code Defeating Martina R