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Easy Money In Crash Mode - Burnout 3: Takedown

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How To: Easy money in Crash mode

At the main menu, select "Single Event" and choose "Crash Mode". Select "Junction 19", "Tuk Down", and "Muscle Type 1" as your car. Do the quick start at the beginning. Drift and collect either the gold or silver (it is possible to collect both of them). Smash through the boxes avoiding the wall, into the boost and up evenly on the jump, avoiding the heart-breaker to your right. Collect the x2 multiplier and after touch, making sure you try to land evenly without hitting any boxes. Slide into the Crashbreaker, and get to the x4 multiplier past the buses in aftertouch. If you get knocked out of the way by the buses, wait until you stop and press Crashbreaker. Aim in the direction of the x4 multiplier. If you miss, you always have the x2 as a fail safe. It is possible to get $1,500,000 to $1,750,000. Repeat this, and do not select "Retry"; as all the money adds up to the total score.
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Cheat Code Easy money in Crash mode