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Easy Experience In Chapter 2 - Final Fantasy X 2

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How To: Easy experience in Chapter 2

When you have completed the first level of Gunner's Gauntlet on Chapter 2, (defeating the man with 500 points on Besaid Island), play it until you complete level 6 by obtaining 1300 points. After that, try the next level. However, instead of trying to obtain the minimum (1,400 points), try for 2800 points. With some practice, and if you are able to keep your chain bar full, it is an easy shot. If you do not reach 2800 points, do not finish the game. Instead, die or let the timer finish. Getting 2,800 points on max level is more difficult; there are too many enemies and you do not have time to kill them all without being hit. Also, on level 7 there are a lot of enemies, but just enough to give you time to kill them. Another trick to avoid being hit is to go behind the last big waterfall in the area just before the big machina, and stick to the ledge closest to the screen. This way, monsters will pass behind you without hitting you; the only thing you have to worry about is having enough ammunition.
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Cheat Code Easy experience in Chapter 2