Fast Black Mage Skill Learning Cheat Code

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Fast Black Mage Skill Learning - Final Fantasy X 2

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How To: Fast Black Mage skill learning

The best place to do this is in Kilika Woods, near the save point. You will run into the Red Element and this is the monster that will "help" you. Being near a save point means you will not have to waste any Ethers or else. Usually you will run into two Red Elements and that flying bug. Kill the bug and one of the Red Elements. Then, switch the other two characters to the White Mage garment, and keep one still wearing the Black Mage garment. Make that person keep casting Fira. It will not affect the Red Element, so you will not kill it. Having the other two Praying will make the element unable to kill you. Keep on casting Fira until you run out of MP, then switch one of the White Mages into a warrior and kill the monster (Pain recommended). Repeat this several times until most of your skills have been learned.
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Cheat Code Fast Black Mage skill learning