Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheat Codes

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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheats

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Permanent super shot with large crossbow
Permanent triple shot
Permanent reflect shot
Permanent Pojo the Chicken
Permanent Anti-Death
Permanent invisibility
Permanent x-ray vision
Permanent full turbo
Permanent shrink enemy and growth
Always have nine potions and keys
Run quickly
Throw quickly
10,000 gold per level
Dwarf is a large jester
Dwarf in S&M costume
Jester is a stick figure with smiley face
Jester is a stick figure with baseball cap head
Jester is a stick figure with Mohawk head
Knight is a Roman centurion
Knight is a ninja (sword and claws) costume
Knight is a bald man in street clothes (Sean Gugler)
Knight is an orange-skirted waitress
Knight wears street clothes (Chris Sutton)
Knight wears street clothes
Knight wears street clothes and baseball cap
Knight is a quarterback
Knight wears black karate outfit with twin scythes
Knight wears black outfit and cape
Valkyrie as the grim reaper with bloody scythe
Valkyrie as a Japanese school girl
Valkyrie as a cheerleader with baton
Warrior with an ogre costume
Warrior as an Orc Boss
Warrior with a rat head
Wizard with an evil appearance
Wizard as an undead lich
Wizard as a pharaoh
Wizard as an alien
Wizard as Sumner
View all FMV sequences
Introduction sequence
Skip and pause FMV sequences
Random name
Bonus levels
Maximum character attributes
Easy experience
Mini Mr. T. Dwarf
Defeating Bosses
Defeating Generals
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Cheat Codes Gauntlet: Dark Legacy