Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheat Codes

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats

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Full health
Weapons (tier 1)
Weapons (tier 2)
Weapons (tier 3)
Raise wanted level
Lower wanted level
Bloodring Banger
Bloodring Racer
Dodo car (flying)
Hotring Racer 1
Hotring Racer 2
Love Fist Limousine
Rhino tank
Romero's Hearse
Sabre Turbo
Candy Suxxx costume
Hilary King costume
Ken Rosenberg costume
Lance Vance costume
Love Fist member 1 costume
Love Fist member 2 costume
Mercedes costume
Phil Cassady costume
Ricardo Diaz costume
Sonny Forelli costume
Cars float on water
Change wheel size
Increase your vehicle's top speed
Faster car
Destroy cars
Better driving skills
Aggressive traffic
Pink traffic
Black traffic
Pedestrian costumes
Pedestrians riot
Pedestrians attack you
Pedestrians have weapons
Police return from dead
Slower game play
Faster game play
Faster game clock
Normal weather
Sunny weather
Rainy weather
Foggy weather
Overcast skies
Bikini women with guns
Girls follow Tommy
Display media level meter
Commit suicide
Restore health
Clearer graphics
Brake or turn better
Fireproof on firefighter missions
Extra health on pizza missions
Infinite sprint/stamina on paramedic missions
Hydraulics on taxi missions
Extra armor on vigilante missions
Easy money
Easy money in Little Haiti
Easy money in North Point
RC Baron Race in North Point
Grand Theft Auto screens in North Point
Secret rooftop hideout in downtown
Angel motorcycle
Infernus at Northpoint Mall
PCJ 600 motorcycle
Motorcycle tricks
Baseball bat
Brass knuckles
Decrease wanted level to zero
Run longer
Change size of the moon
Leave car door open
Media coverage
Get to any locked area early
Boatyard business
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory business
Film Studio business
Kaufman Cabs business
Malibu Club business
Pole Position Strip Club business
Print Works business
Sunshine Auto Car Showroom business
Hidden package rewards
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Cheat Codes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City