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Jak 2 Cheats

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Toggle Jak's Goatee cheat
Mirror World cheat
Big head mode cheat
Small Head Mode cheat
Scrap Book cheat
Scene Player Act 1 cheat
Vulcan Fury Course cheat
Scene Player Act 2 cheat
Peace Maker Gun Course cheat
Scene Player Act 3 cheat
Reverse Races cheat
Level Select cheat
Infinite Ammo cheat
Infinite Dark Jak cheat
Invulnerability cheat
Hero Mode cheat
Alternate scrap book
Infinite Skullgems
Daxter holds any gun
More ammunition
Peace Maker
Blaster combo
Spinning rapidfire blaster combo
Big jumps
Avoid guards by stealth
Swim faster
Hover on water and Dark Eco with JetBoard
Faster time in stadium mission
Winning the Class 1 race
Winning the second race
Hover on water and Dark Eco with JetBoard
Destroy produce stands
Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando reference
Baron Praxis comments
Lurker Shark on plaque in Hip Hog Heaven
Shortcut in Torn mission 2
Avoid Krimson Guards by stealth
Not chased by Krimson Guard
Krimson Guard revenge
Defeating the Baron
Defeating Krew
Defeating Metal Heads
Defeating Metal Head leader
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Cheat Codes Jak 2