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Special Moves - Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

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How To: Special moves

    Air Walk: Press Left(2), Carve in the air.
    Alley-oop: Press Down(2), Carve in the air.
    Back Flip: Press Up, Down, Carve in the air.
    Blown Out: Press Up(2), Slide in the air.
    Caveman: Press Down, Up, Slide.
    Cheater's five: Press Up(2), Grab.
    Coffin: Press Down(2), Slide.
    Cross Air: Press Up, Down, Grab in the air.
    Cruiser: Press Up, Down, Grab.
    Darkslide: Press Up, Down, Slide.
    Front flip: Press Down, Up, Carve in the air.
    Hang Ten: Press Up(2), Slide.
    Helicopter: Press Right(2), Carve in the air.
    Indian: Press Right, Left, Grab in the air.
    JC Air: Press Left, Right, Grab in the air.
    Lawndart: Press Up, Down, Slide.
    Left Flip: Press Right, Left, Carve in the air.
    Manual: Press Up(2), Carve.
    Monkeyman: Press Down, Down, Grab in the air.
    Nac Nac: Press Left, Left, Grab in the air.
    Right Flip: Press Left, Right, Carve in the air.
    Rodeo Clown: Press Up(2), Carve in the air.
    Shove It Ollie: Press Up, Down, Carve.
    Sunchild: Press Down, Up, Grab in the air.
    Superman: Press Down, Up, Grab.
    Tweaker: Press Right(2), Grab in the air.

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