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Madden NFL 2003 Cheats

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Mummies team
Dodge City stadium
Nile High stadium
Marshals team
Infinite creation points
Barry Sanders
Deion Sanders
Jan Stenerud
John Elway
Kevin Butler
Mike Ditka
Mike Singletary
Reggie White
Steve Young
Dodge City Stadium
Marshals secret team
Thanksgiving commentary
Christmas commentary
New Year's commentary
John Madden's name spoken
City name spoken
Easy tokens
Break tackles
Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd cards
Cheerleader Cards and game cheats
Get any player
Cheap players that are good
Cheaper player
Easier gold in mini-camp mode
Over the shoulder catch
Better quarterback accuracy
Better draft pick
Lower team's overall salary
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Cheat Codes Madden NFL 2003