Onimusha: Buraiden Cheat Codes

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Onimusha: Buraiden Cheats

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Play as Garuganto/Gargant
Play as Giramusaido
Play as Gogandantess
Play as Jaido
Play as Jujudormah Ran
Play as Magoichi Saiga
Play as Marcellus Modify P
Play as Marcellus Modify S
Play as Megaman EXE's Ground Style
Play as Megaman EXE
Play as Megaman EXE's Bug Style
Play as Miyamoto Musashi
Play as Musaido
Play as Nobunaga Oda
Play as Oda Nobunaga
Play as Sasaki Kojirou
Play as Zero
Play as Zero's Proto Form
Play as Zero's Ultimate Form
Blue Dragon
Genbu Book
Horse Killer
Life And Death
Mighty Club
Morning Star
Nobunaga Sword
Oni Splitter
Paladin Sword
Purple Necklace
White necklace
Yellow Rosemary
Yin Yang Claws
Reaching the Phantom Realm
Aiming shurikens, bombs, and elemental attack discs
Counter attack
Easy Orbs
Defeating Nobunaga
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Cheat Codes Onimusha: Buraiden