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Levitate Yourself - Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

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How To: Levitate yourself

To levitate yourself in a way, get on to an object that you can levitate, such as a box. Aim down and hold Triangle to lock on. Press L1, and the box will levitate with you on it. To go higher, keep holding Triangle and press L1 continuously at the correct time. You should get progressively higher. This is useful for getting to high and far places. In order to levitate from the ground, stand on any object such as a crate, barrel, bench, etc. Perform the TK ability while standing on the object. Make sure that the crosshair is lined on the object. You will begin to levitate with the object with the Right analog-stick as if you were controlling an object from afar. Make sure that the object is not a wooden crate or an explosive barrel, as they are fragile to gunfire and other objects. This tactic can be used to make the "drop" on enemies below. The only problem is that you cannot use any other mind powers.
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Cheat Code Levitate yourself