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Rockman X7 Cheats

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Play as X
Play as Zero
Completion bonus
Alternate X appearance
X's Ultimate Armor
Roll while dashing with Axl
Hover as Axl
Always use Dash Jump
Shortcut in Flame Hyenard stage
Extra lives in Jungle stage
Weapons Energy tank in Ride Boarski stage
Life Energy tank in Vanishing Gungaroo stage
Recommended Boss order
Defeating enemies
Defeating Flame Hyenard
Defeating Palace Road Boss
Defeating Red
Defeating Soldier Stonekong
Defeating Sigma's first form
Defeating Sigma's final form
Boss weaknesses

    Red: Him with X-Buster or Volt Tornado
    Sigma 1: Splash Laser (or Zero's D-Glaive special move)
    Sigma 2: Sniper Missile (or Zero's Hieijin Skill)

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Cheat Codes Rockman X7