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Cheat mode
Z-95 Headhunter ship
Disable cockpit displays
Alternate camera angles
Reversed controls
Pictures of Simon
Programmer message
Advanced Freefall ship
Advanced Havoc ship
Advanced Jedi Starfighter
Advanced Zoomer ship
Republic Gunship
Sabaoth Fighter
TIE Fighter
Slave 1 ship
.php">Hidden objectives

    Mission 1: Destroy the spy ship.
    Mission 2: Allow no enemy craft to land on the beach.
    Mission 3: Destroy all walking Starfighters in the hanger.
    Mission 4: Destoy all Tractor Beam Towers.
    Mission 5: Destroy all enemies.
    Mission 6: Finish mission in under nine minutes.
    Mission 7: Destroy all three Trade Federation Freighters.
    Mission 8: Destroy all Landers and Super Freighters.
    Mission 9: Prevent all Hex Deployers from escaping.
    Mission 10: Lose no friendly Tugs.
    Mission 11: Destroy all Trade Federation Landers.
    Mission 12: Destroy all Turrets.
    Mission 13: Destroy all Bunkers.
    Mission 14: All Mere Transports must survive.
    Mission 15: All Mere Cruisers must survive.

  • Hidden objectives for two player mode

      Mission 1: Complete mission in four minutes or less.
      Mission 2: Destroy all Trade Federation Carriers.
      Mission 3: Destroy all station doors.
      Mission 4: Destroy all Trade Federation Sub docks.
      Mission 5: Protect all buildings.
      Mission 6: Destroy all containers.
      Mission 7: Destroy all Sabaoth crafts.
      Mission 8: Destroy all defense barracks.
      Mission 9: Prevent all Drop Ships from landing.
      Misson 10: Destroy "Reavers".
      Mission 11: Destroy all Missile Frigate groups.
      Mission 12: Destroy Cruiser without using the orbital cannon.
      Mission 13: Lose no Clones.
      Mission 14: Remove all of Toth's shields.
      Mission 15: Destroy all turrets on Destroyers and Flagships.

    Cheat mode
    Secret spaceship for bonus missions
    Bonus multi-player missions
    Director mode
    Jar-Jar mode
    Disable cockpit displays
    Christmas FMV sequence
    James' day of work
    Spaceship and cast pictures
    Enemy ship gallery
    Pre-production art
    Pictures of Simon
    View development team
    View credits
    Default screen
    Multi-player mode
    Charm's Way bonus mission
    Canyon Sprint bonus mission
    Outpost Attack bonus mission
    Space Sweep bonus mission
    Guardian Mantis ship
    Havoc bomber
    N-1 Starfighter
    Darth Maul's Infiltrator ship
    Giant hotrod
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