Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 Cheat Codes

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 Cheats

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All courses
All golfers and courses
Play as Big Mo Ta'a Vatu
Play as Brad Faxon
Play as Cedric "Ace" Andrews
Play as Erika "Ice" Von Severin
Play as Jasper Parnevik
Play as Jim Furyk
Play as Justin Leonard
Play as Kellie Newman
Play as Lee Janzen
Play as L'Mo
Play as Melvin "Yosh" Tanigawa
Play as Monty
Play as Notah Begay III
Play as Stuart Appleby
Play as Solita Lopez
Play as Super Tiger
Play as Vijay Singh
Advance time
Slow time
Control ball spin
Skip tutorial mode
Bonus golfers
Aces Wild trophy ball
Back-to-Back trophy ball
Birdie Buster trophy ball
Birdie Streak trophy ball
Eagle Extravaganza trophy ball
Eagle Hunt trophy ball
Fairway Challenge trophy ball
GIR Challenge trophy ball
Long Distance Drive trophy ball
Long Putt trophy ball
Low Round trophy ball
One Time trophy ball
Pin Seeker trophy ball
Scenario Challenge trophy ball
Tiger Challenge Completion trophy ball
Top of the Tournaments trophy ball
Princeville course
Black Rock Cove course
Royal Birkdale course
Tiger's Dream Course holes
Bag editing
All eighteen clubs in your bag
Control backswing height
Aiming marker
Shot selections
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Cheat Codes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002