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Run Over Enemy For Fast Kills - Tribes: Aerial Assault

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How To: Run over enemy for fast kills

Set the map to be a capture the flag level and make sure it has flat land, but a long stretch between the bases. There can be mountains, but make sure the path back and forth is just flat land. A good example would be Katabatik (a snow level). Get your vehicle to a fighter and set it to third person vehicle under the player menu during game play. This allows you to see where you are driving a lot more than in a first person vehicle. Drive around in the air between the bases, but stay away from the enemy bases. They will more than likely have a heat seeking turret waiting for you. When an enemy approaches your base, fly down and hit him from above, from in front, from behind, or from the sides. It will instantly kill him if done correctly. It can sometimes be difficult, but will be easy most of the time.
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Cheat Code Run over enemy for fast kills