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WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth Cheats

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Divas FMV sequence
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Insurrextion PPV rewards
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Move sets

    Move set 1: Genichiro Tenryu
    Move set 2: Kendo Ka-Shin
    Move set 3: Keiji Mutoh
    Move set 4: Toshiaki Kawada
    Move set 5: Bill Goldberg
    Move set 6: Misc. Kung Fu
    Move set 7: Jeff Jarrett
    Move set 8: David Flair
    Move set 9: Scott Hall
    Move set 10: Scott Steiner
    Move set 11: Sting
    Move set 12: Terry Funk
    Move set 13: Atsushi Onita
    Move set 14: Misc. Puroresu set A
    Move set 15: Misc. Puroresu set B
    Move set 16: Taka Michinoku
    Move set 17: Ken Shamrock
    Move set 18: Rey Mysterio Jr.
    Move set 19: Great Sasuke
    Move set 20: Fred Durst
    Move set 21: Hiroyoshi Tenzan
    Move set 22: Jushin Lyger
    Move set 23: Kensuke Sasaki
    Move set 24: Masahiro Chono
    Move set 25: Manabu Nakanishi
    Move set 26: Yuji Nagata
    Move set 27: Jun Akyama
    Move set 28: Kenta Kobashi
    Move set 29: Mitshuru Misawa
    Move set 30: Vader
    Move set 31: Essa Rios
    Move set 32: Gangrel
    Move set 33: Brian Christopher
    Move set 34: Jerry Lynn
    Move set 35: Ron The Truth Killings
    Move set 36: Road Dogg
    Move set 37: Antonio Inoki
    Move set 38: Akira Taue
    Move set 39: Giant Baba
    Move set 40: Big Boss Man
    Move set 41: Crash Holly
    Move set 42: D'lo Brown
    Move set 43: Sho Funaki
    Move set 44: Godfather
    Move set 45: Justin Credible
    Move set 46: Mike Awesome
    Move set 47: Perry Saturn
    Move set 48: Steve Blackman
    Move set 49: Shane Mcmahon
    Move set 50: Sean O' Haire
    Move set 51: Steven Richards
    Move set 52: Andre the Giant
    Move set 53: Bob Backlund
    Move set 54: Dean Malenko
    Move set 55: Mick Foley
    Move set 56: Naoya Ogawa
    Move set 57: Shin'ya Hashimoto
    Move set 58: Sergeant Slaughter

  • Hidden Superstar faces
    Doing your opponent's move
    Alternate Matrix effect
    Post-match beatdown
    Inflict more pain
    Remove turnbuckle pads
    Get to areas faster
    Easy win
    Easy win in Tag Match
    Dragon Ball Z style hair
    Foam Hands
    WWE Undisputed Championship in story mode
    Exploding cars in Parking Lot
    Easy damage in King Of The Ring arena
    Climb on stage in King Of The Ring arena
    Snowball weapons in Winter Times Square arena
    Climb the SmackDown! fist in SmackDown! arena
    Rey Mysterio moves
    CAW parts for Rey Mysterio
    Ladder in any match with Rob Van Dam
    Frog Splash standing on the ground with Rob Van Dam
    Mini-stunners with Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Original entrances for stables
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