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War Of The Monsters Cheats

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Play as Mecha-Sweet Tooth
Dodgeball mini-game
Big Shot mini-game
Crush-O-Rama mini-game
Play as Raptros
Play as Zorgulon
Volcano level
Mini Baytown level
Capitol level
UFO level
Easy Battle Tokens
Defeating Cerebulon
Bosses in Atomic Plant
Earthquake in Baytown
Easy win in Multi-player mode
Twisted Metal: Black reference
Agamo's Avalanche combo
Congar's Windmill combo
Kineticlops's Kaiser combo
Magmo's Meltdown combo
Preytor's Parasitism combo
Raptros's Rage combo
Robo-47's Rumble combo
Togera's Thrash combo
Ultra-V's Unforgivable combo
Zorgulon's Zap combo
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Cheat Codes War Of The Monsters